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Go ahead, and push the limit

What GLEWEL pursues is to make every effort to lead people into a healthier and more convenient lifestyle with being made with a focus on designing the sleekest and most versatile ebikes that are top-notch performance, utility, and competitive price. Meticulously developed for everyday commutes and recreational rides, GLEWEL has gotten a comprehensive upgrade for every transportation cycling demander, so you will enjoy the personalized experience and infinite power given by the ebikes with user-friendly and comfortable.



Adhering to the belief of being people-oriented, GLEWEL is guaranteed by the assembly and debugging of experienced engineers and professionals for more than 20 years to create high-performance and sustainable electric bicycles for everyone, improving your quality of life and level, making you stand out in ebike line-up. Maybe you are hesitant why choose us? It is no exaggeration to say that we go for customers directly at the most affordable prices. Our four excellent ebikes of step-through ebikes, off-road ebikes, fat tire ebikes and foldable ebikes conquer your commute, urban jungle, off-road expeditions, mountain hiking, and regular riding with an unshakable safety mission for all your travel needs.


Make it your style

We always try and we’d love to let our reliable and practical ebikes take you to appreciate the beautiful scenery in the distance you have never seen before or hunt for something stimulating on the dull simple day. We make the journey more accessible, enjoyable, and comfortable when you go to work, drop the kid off at school, or cross through the jungles for exploring. Find your best style in GLEWEL to change the way you experience the world.